NSW Continual Professional Development (CPD)

NSW Fair Trading Approved provider 

23 March 2022 – 22 March 2023

  • Compulsory Topics 3 hrs  (as per NSW Fair Trading Website)
  • Elective Topics 3 hrs (Sales or PM)  
  • Business Topics 3 hrs (Class 1 only)

Individual Session Price

$165 – Compulsory 3 Hours (Zoom Delivery with Assessment) 

$99  – Elective 3 Hours (Videos/Reading NO Assessment) 

$99  – Business 3 Hours (Videos/Reading NO Assessment) 

Combined Price

$299 – Class 1 Agent – Compulsory, Elective & Business  (9 hrs)

$253 – Class 2 Agent – Compulsory & Elective (6 hrs)

** Special rates for groups of 4 or more and repeat Clients 

$275 – Class 1 Agent – Compulsory, Elective & Business  (9 hrs)

$231 – Class 2 Agent – Compulsory & Elective (6 hrs)

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Other Training available:

Licensee Guidelines s32 – NEW as of 23 March 2020

Failure to comply with a clause of these guidelines is a contravention of section 32 of the Act, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of 200 penalty units ($22,000) in the case of a corporation, or 100 penalty units ($11,000) in any other case.

Invest $770.00 – 10 folders which include all that you need and training

Documents/Procedures/Checklists and 3 hours of Elective CPD Training for up to 3 Class 1 and Class 2 Licensed Agents. Other staff welcome to join the Zoom session.

All 10 folders are written to comply with the  Licensee Guidelines:  Secretary’s Guidelines for the Proper Supervision of the Business of a Licensee under s32 of the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002.

  1.    Licensee in charge
  2.    Requirement to prepare operational procedures
  3.   Trust account procedures
  4.    Identification check for the purposes of fraud prevention
  5.   Ongoing dealings with parties to an agency agreement
  6.   Sale of residential property selling price and other representations
  7.   Complaint handling procedures
  8.   Employee supervision
  9.   Gifts and benefits register
  10.   Record keeping

Property Management Training – Group sessions 

Do you have what it takes to be a Property Manager, or are you just treading water? This session delves into the knowledge and skills of staff to help identify any gaps to improve their success.  

‘Very informative, learned something new and saw things in a different light/perspective’

Do you or your staff want to be licenced to work in Real Estate, then contact me for more information.

You can now study Certificate IV (CPP41419)  and Diploma (CPP51119)

We can assist your staff in understanding what is required to comply with their CPD obligations and co-ordinate interaction with a course provider.

Need help with your Real Estate studies?

We can provide tutoring to assist you to understand the legislative requirements. Online study can be quite confusing and not all providers offer the assistance you may need. 

 All training is delivered by Denise Stanley either face to face or using Zoom

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All Qualifications are provided by Smart Academy Pty Ltd RTO 91720 – Denise Stanley is a Senior Trainer and Assessor for this RTO.

All CPD and other non-accredited training is through G & D Stanley Pty Ltd t/as Real Estate Consulting Solutions.